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Agility tunnels
for dogs

Children tunnels

Cover tarpaulins
and bags

Czech agility spiral tunnels


  • Attractive rich colours
  • PVC coated tarpaulin fabric
  • UV resistant
  • Hard wearing
  • Frost and heat resistant (-40°C/+70°C)

DUFLEX, s.r.o. was estabilished as a family business in 1990. We have dealt mainly in deliveries for mining industry ever since. We focus on production of flexible air ducts designed for separate ventilation in underground mines and tunnels.

Recently we have extended our product range, we started manufacturing dog agility tunnels and accessories of various shape and colour designs.

Furthermore, the Duflex, s.r.o. company deals with manufacturing cover tarpaulins for solid wood jumps and agility hurdle jumps; sand tunnel holders, obedience squares, bags for transporting the tunnels and other agility accessories.

We also weld and repair PVC tarpaulins on request.

For further information please follow the link http://www.duflex.cz

The tunnels can bring a lot of happiness even to children...or cats!

agility tunely
We will repair the damaged older tunnel, even though it was not made with us